The Red Mist Collection

The Red Mist Collection

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The Red Mist Collection

4 Videos

  • Son of a Gun

  • American Hero

    Melvin (Stephen Dorff), a reluctant hero who is far from super, has been suppressing his telekinetic powers for years with booze and drugs. In the process, he has failed at practically everything, most of all as a parent to his son. After a brush with death, Melvin decides to use his powers for...

  • Spooks: The Greater Good

    SPOOKS: THE GREATER GOOD is a smart, gripping spy film about two secret agents, Harry Pearce (PETER FIRTH), and Will Holloway (KIT HARINGTON), who are forced to work together when a formidable terrorist escapes from MI5 custody and threatens an attack. But in the murky world of intelligence and t...